JANUARY 2023 - Newletter YOUR DOCTOR

Welcome to the New Year - 2023

In this edition:

1. The Bigger the Belly, The Bigger the Health Risks

2. How to Prevent Ankle Sprains

3. Simple Swap for Wellbeing

4. Managing Back Pain

5. The History of Immunisation

6. Recipe - Lemony Blueberry Bran Muffins

7. Crossword



Enjoy !!  

PRIVATE FEES apply from 14.11.22

Please be advised that from 14 Nov 2022:

Dr Nancy Kiumbura

Dr Saj Kesavan

Dr Yazar Win

Dr Julie Anne Susean Manikam

        Dr Apurva Shanker

will no longer be bulk billing.

All consultations and some procedures will incur an upfront fee.  Where Medicare rebates apply your claim will be processed on the day.

Please speak with our reception staff for more information.

Thank you.



In this November 2022 issue:

1. Learn about HPV and how to reduce your risk of cervical cancer

2. Explaining Antibiotic Resistance

3. How to prevent skin abscesses

4. Health Banana Pancakes

5. Just one change could help protect your lungs

6. Mind your melatonin and sleep better

7. Hidden Word Puzzle



Over the next 8 weeks, Bluewater Medical Practice will be involved with the National Health Heart Check Recall Program, in which eligible patients will be sent an SMS recall message encouraging them to book in a Heart Health Check (HHC).

A HHC is a patient friendly term for a comprehensive a cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment and ongoing management.

Eligible patients will receive an SMS text asking them to book into the Doctor for a Heart Health Check within the next 8 weeks.

Over 120,000 Australians saw their GP to have a Heart Health Check in the last 12 months to help reduce their risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Please call 07 4778 6444 to book your appointment.

@ 13.10.2022




CHANGES from November 2022

Dr Vladimir Hasa and Dr Olga Hasa will be making changes to their appointment schedule from November 2022.


Dr Olga will no longer be seeing patients F2F but will be conducting Telephone and Telehealth (Video) consults only.     To be eligible, you will need to have been seen within the last 12 months.  These appointments will be Private Invoiced.


Dr Vlad will continue seeing patients, but his roster will be three week on and three week off.  


For further information, please speak with our reception support staff.

valid at 17.10.2022

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