SEPTEMBER 2023 Newsletter

in this SEPTEMBER 2023 issue:

1. Understanding Asthma

2. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

3. Prostate Problems

4. The Power of Papya

5. Joint Pain and Weight


7. Creamy, Fresh & Vibrant Tropical Papaya Smoothie

8. TEMPLATE - Questions to Ask at your Next Doctor/s visit



May 2023 Newsletter

1. Take care of Cholesterol

2. Know your Gallbladder

3. Garlic: Did you know?

4. Look for Signs of AMD

5. Check your Kidneys

6. Crossword

7. Recipe: One Pot Pasta and Pumpkin Bake



In this months MARCH 2023 Newsletter:

1. Understanding Endometriosis

2. Stop Snoring and Get Some Sleet

3. How Safe is Mouthwash 

4. Better Breathing

Cooking:  Strawberry Cheesecake

Hidden Word Puzzle


JANUARY 2023 - Newletter YOUR DOCTOR

Welcome to the New Year - 2023

In this edition:

1. The Bigger the Belly, The Bigger the Health Risks

2. How to Prevent Ankle Sprains

3. Simple Swap for Wellbeing

4. Managing Back Pain

5. The History of Immunisation

6. Recipe - Lemony Blueberry Bran Muffins

7. Crossword



Enjoy !!  

PRIVATE FEES apply from 14.11.22

Please be advised that from 14 Nov 2022:

Dr Nancy Kiumbura

Dr Saj Kesavan

Dr Yazar Win

Dr Julie Anne Susean Manikam

        Dr Apurva Shanker

will no longer be bulk billing.

All consultations and some procedures will incur an upfront fee.  Where Medicare rebates apply your claim will be processed on the day.

Please speak with our reception staff for more information.

Thank you.

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