Dr Nancy Kiumbura

Dr Nancy Kiumbura Dr Nancy Kiumbura

Dr Nancy started working with the BMP Team in May 2019.  Dr Nancy is currently on the RACGP PEP Program.  Dr Nancy is working full time here at Bluewater Medical.

Dr Nancy specializes in ophthalmic conditions and eye injuries.

Conditions Treated:

1. Eye Problems

2. Chalazion (Swellings around the eyes)

3. Stye

4. Blepharoplasty (Sagging Eyelids)

5. Skin Cancers

6. Mental Health

7. Womens' Clinics

Dr Nancy is a multi billing Dr.     Bulk Bill applies Weekday (M-F) morning sessions only
PRIVATE FEES apply for Weekday (M-F) Afternoon & Sat session

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