Several options for making a booking are:
1. On-line through Facebook via the HOTDOC App 
2. Via THIS website: www.bluewatermedical.com 
3. Or Telephone 07 4778 6444


Dr Vladimir HASA (TEL appts only)          Dr Olga HASA

Dr Siva KIDDINAN                                   Dr Moe AUNG

Dr Yazar WIN                                          Dr Lucia RAJNOCH

Dr Zakia SULTANA                                   Dr Nancy KIUMBURA

Dr Kevin J NG                                         Dr Avinash BANGARPET KRISHNAMURTHY

Nurse Practitioners:

NP Jodi Barry – one Sat per month

Telephone for Appts only

Dr Sugeet Baveja - CARDIOLOGIST

Allied Health:
Annette Thiele - PSYCHOLOGIST                   Amanda Kruger – SOCIAL WORKER MENTAL HEALTH
Renee Cunich - DIETITIAN                           Natalie Arnel – CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST
Leanne Clarke – PHYSIOTHERAPIST              Samuel Douglass – PHYSIOTHERAPIST


Opening Times

Wednesday 23 Jan –  8am to 5pm

Thursday 24 Jan    –  8am to 5pm

Friday  25 Jan       –  8am to 5pm

Saturday 26 Jan    –  CLOSED  

Monday  28 Jan    –  CLOSED 

Tuesday 29 Jan    –  8am to 5pm

This Practice will be CLOSED on Saturday 26 January 2019 and Monday 28 January 2019 for Australia Day.

Will reopen Tuesday 29 January 2019 at 8am.

Friday 10th August 2018

Hello Everyone,   We are in the process of transitioning across to HotDoc.

1. SMS Reminders for your appointment have been in operations for several months now - and look to be working OK

2. Patients attending will now be familiar with the CHECK IN kiosk located at front Reception.    For those 'Brave' enough to check it out - the Kiosk is set up to allow Patient ARRIVALS up to 45 mins prior to appointment time BUT - only 5 mins after your allocated Appointment time    After this time you will need to ask Reception

3. Booking your appointments - Our online bookings are now through HotDoc   There are a few ways you can book online.

   -   Via our website www.bluewatermedical.com

   -   Via the book now button on our face book page.

   -   Via the HotDoc website:    https://www.hotdoc.com.au/…/bluewater-medical-pract…/doctors

   -   Via the HotDoc app which can be downloaded from the apple store or google play.

NEXT - 4. Transitioning the Reminder letters across to SMS reminders.

thank you for your patience
your Feedback on this process is greatly appreciated.


BMP would like to introduce Dr Prasani Ketheesen, Dr Moe Aung and Dr Vibhav Pandey as the newest members of our team.

Dr Prasani Ketheesen will be working two Saturdays per month

Dr Moe Aung will be working Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays

Dr Vibhav Pandey is Full Timm – Mon-Fri

Several options for making a booking are:

  1. On-line through Facebook via the Health Engine App
  2. Via our website: www.bluewatermedical.com
  3. Or Telephone 07 4778 6444

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